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Doddiscombsleigh Circular Village Walk
or ‘Round the Block’ to the Nobody Inn
An adaptable route of 1.25 - 2 miles – only one short sharp hill!
Starting at the Doddiscombsleigh Village Triangle with the Nobody Inn behind you, walk towards the thatched cottages on the right.
Carry on past Doddiscombsleigh School and down the hill.
Walk past Lake House on the right.
Take the next turning right just before the thatched cottage called Greystones (with a cantilevered porch).
Fork right at the bottom of the hill past Hereford Cottage on the left. (In a former life this was the Village bank).
Walk up hill (don’t worry it is not this steep all the way up!!)
Option 1
At Spynish Lake take a right along the Public Footpath.
At the bottom of the drive bare left down a rough path.
Go over the stile.
Keep to the raised path across the ford (cobbles can be very slippery).
Follow the lane up to the top.
Turn left beside the school.
And return to the Triangle.
Stop for refreshments!
Approx distance 1.25 miles (30 minutes)
Option 2
Continue up the hill past Apridge Farm on the right.
Keep on walking to the junction at the top of the lane.
Take a sharp right and walk along the road all the way around to the T junction.
Take a right and walk past Shippen Barton Cottages on your left.
If you want to dally a while visit our lovely St Michael’s Church through the black wrought iron gates on the left.
Carry on along the raised footpath towards the Village Triangle.
Stop for refreshments!
Approx distance 2 miles (40 minutes)
You may prefer to walk this route in reverse to avoid going up the very steep hill at Hereford Cottage.
There is a footpath on the left just before the Church, go over the stile and across the field follow the footpath signs. This will bring you to the Ford as in Option 1.


Circular Walk from the NoBody Inn at Doddiscombsleigh
to the Manor Inn at Ashton (Known locally as the Boxing Day Walk)
Approx distance outward 
2 miles   40 minutes
Approx alternative distance return 
2.5 miles    50 - 60 minutes
Part narrow lanes, part footpaths, farms, hilly, scenic, places to stay and two pubs!
To Start
At the Village Triangle facing the NoBody Inn Pub turn right sign posted Ashtonand walk up the short hill past the thatched cottage called Sraithead.
See or stay at the famous NoBody Inn Pub
See or stay at Straithead Barn
Carry on down past Dent House on the left.
The mini manor house!
Pass an old Devon Longhouse called Shute Cottage on the right.
You could stay at Shute Cottage.
Meander along the road and up towards Great Leigh Cottages on the right.
Walk carefully along the long the road through Ryecroft Woods.
Bluebells in Spring
Walk down the very steep hill and follow the road to the junction at Ashton with the Post Office on the left
Closed Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.
The Manor Inn can be found directly opposite. Turn right then left to enter Inn
See the Manor Inn at Ashton
To return the way you came
Remember that very steep hill up to Ryecroft Woods?
Come out of the pub and turn right.
Take a left by the Post Office and follow the way you came.
To take the alternative circular way back
Avoiding the very steep hill at Ryecroft!
Take a right out of the pub past the Post Office and amble along the road until you reach the Great Barn on the left
You can hire the Great Barn.
Take a left along the Public Footpath immediately past the Great Barn. 
Go through the gate and wander along the path and over the stile at the end
This can be very narrow with nettles at certain times of the year.
Go through the woods and through the gate.
Keep left go up the field a short way.
Cross the small bridge across the brook.
Cross the field diagonally towards the gate and Barn at the top.
Watch out for a herd of deer which like to run across this field.
Go through the gate and take a right along the road past Mistleigh and Shute Cottage on the left.
Continue upwards towards Dent House on the right.
Go up and over a short hill past Straithead and back to the triangle and the NoBody Inn
Stop for refreshments?